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“It’s ALL about Personalized Restoration Marketing and Restoration Sales Training…Beginning with the basics…You have to know WHO you’re selling to and WHAT you’re selling to be Successful…”
                                                              - Tish Hummer

Fire, Water, Wind, Trauma, Mold, Contents Cleaning,
whatever your company specialty … YOU will benefit from
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“You need a Marketing team that knows how to bring YOUR UNIQUE MESSAGE to your target market referral prospects and customers … Assured Success Strategy Programs will set your restoration marketing team on the road to success…”
                                                             - Tish Hummer

Your company experience with Assured Success begins with an absolutely free, no obligation 30 minute consultation to evaluate your current marketing efforts and marketing goals, with a few “Golden Nuggets of Marketing Advice” thrown in to Serve YOU!

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Assured Success
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Surprisingly Affordable Personal Coaching for Restoration Professionals starting as low as $1750.00 for a Personal One on One Coaching and Webinar Program with Consultant/Coach Tish Hummer. Book your free, no-obligation discovery appointment today!

Assured Success with Tish Hummer provides marketing, professional development, sales training and consulting for the restoration, contents and cleaning industries… across the country.

What makes Tish and her Success Strategies Different?

Tish Hummer has over 20 years experience in both insurance and restoration and brings all of this experience to you in her “Success” programs. Tish Hummer travels nationally and is ready to go in the trenches…yes to go out and evaluate your route marketing strategy with your team members…

Tish WILL relate with your TEAM! She has been in the restoration marketing trenches for 20 plus years in the insurance, restoration, cleaning and contents industries… her resume bears the experience…

  • Insurance Agent
  • Marketing Professional for Restoration and Catastrophe Housing
  • Vice President of a Restoration Firm
  • Restoration Estimator
  • Restoration Supervisor
  • Insurance Catastrophe Adjuster
  • AND NOW She is Consulting in the restoration, contents and cleaning industries…with restoration, cleaning and contents companies across the country with her Assured Success Strategies

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